Technische gegevens:


The CT 303 SDF is an automatic carton sealer that is suitable for alternating the closure of the bottom in two ways, with 50 mm PP tape and with the use of hot melt. This function is useful for production lines where the closure type depends on the production size. Filled boxes enter the machine via motorized lines, with folded bottom flaps and open top flaps. When the box enters the machine, the top flaps are automatically closed and then sealed.

The machine can be easily adjusted manually to the required box width and height. In addition, the machine is easy to set up for top and bottom closure, or top closure only. The boxes are transported by means of motorized side conveyors, which align the boxes perfectly and guarantee a good seal.

With the CT 303 SDF it is possible to professionally close hundreds of packages per day.

  • For PP tape or hotmelt
  • Top and bottom or only top closure
  • Side transport
  • Up to 1400 boxes/hour

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