A replacement for manual wrapping

The stretch wrapper CST 110 is the entry model pallet wrapper from Cyklop. Ergonomically, the machine is highly suitable as a replacement for manual wrapping which is often heavy and laborious. As standard, the CST 110 is supplied with a turntable of Ø 1500 mm. The film carriage is equipped with a photocell that automatically detects the height of the load. The film tension can be adjusted manually by means of a mechanical brake. Unique to this machine is the special programme that enables the film roll to be easily changed. The film carriage proceeds to a set height where the operator can change the film roll conveniently and safely. The film carriage also goes to a set height at the end of the cycle so that the operator does not have to release the film underneath the pallet.

  • Special programme: Changing the film is simplified
  • Mechanical brake
  • Wrapping speed 12 rpm
  • Safe and easy application and cutting of film
  • Extra function for adding corner protection

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