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Sustainable bundling

Saving plastic in the vegetable industry

Nowadays vegetables are often individually packed in plastic foil before they are transported to the supermarket. This makes it easy to sell the products individually, but this means that plastic consumption is unnecessarily high. A Strepper® can be used to replace the plastic around the vegetables. This saves up to 83% on plastic consumption. A label can be attached to the Strepper®, so that all important information can be stated on it.

Replacing twist/tie wraps

Cable ties (also called tie wraps or twist wraps) are widely used for bundling cables or other products. These ties are usually made of hard plastic. After use, the wraps are not recycled, which means that they can end up in nature and can be harmful to nature. In addition to the non-durable nature of the tie wraps, there is also the risk that the tie wraps will dry out. For example, a large amount of purchased tie wraps can become useless and must be purchased again. Fortunately, most products that are bundled with tie or twist wraps can also be bundled with elastic, even cables. Our AXRO IN-2 elastic binder bundles coiled cables, reducing the use of plastic.

Automating bundling

We often see that a lot of physical labor is involved in bundling products. Products are collected, weighed and placed in trays to be bundled. Bundling the products is also often done by hand, making the entire process very labor intensive. Fortunately, this entire process can be automated with conveyor belts and elastic binders. You can also opt to automate only the bundling process by investing in an elastic binder and placing it in the existing packaging line. Our range consists of many different types of elastic binders in every price category, so there is a suitable elastic binder for every company.
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