Tips for using a stretch wrapper!


A (semi-) automatic stretch wrapper is a useful tool for securing and stabilising loads during transport. These machines use stretch film to wrap around a load, for extra support and protection against potential damage.

These stretch wrappers are relatively easy to operate, although there are some important tips to keep in mind for safe and effective use.

7 tips for using a pallet wrapper

  1. Start by properly positioning the semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Place the machine on a flat surface and make sure it is stable and firm. Adjust the height of the film dispenser and turntable to the size of your load.
  2. Check the tension settings before loading the wrapping film. The tension should be set to the correct level for the size and weight of your load. Too much tension can cause the film to break, while too little tension can result in a poorly wrapped load.
  3. Once the machine is set and the tension adjusted, load the stretch film onto the dispenser. Make sure the film is properly aligned and seated in the dispenser before starting the wrapping process.
  4. Start the wrapping process by pressing the start button on the control panel. The turntable starts rotating and the foil dispenser starts moving around the load. As the dispenser moves, the stretch film is applied to the load.
  5. Monitor the wrapping process closely and adjust the tension or speed of the dispenser if necessary. If the film breaks or gets tangled, stop the machine and fix the problem before continuing.
  6. Once the load is fully wrapped, cut the film and attach the end to the load using a film cutter or other method. This prevents the foil from fraying and ensures that the load remains secure during transport.
  7. After the wrapping process is complete, carefully remove the load from the turntable and secure it for transport. Be sure to dispose of excess stretch film properly, as it can pose a potential hazard if left on the floor.

In short, operating a semi-automatic stretch wrapper requires careful attention to detail and proper adjustment. By following these tips, you can ensure that your loads are safely packed and protected during transport.

Automating in packaging?

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