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Types of pallet wrappers

There are different types of pallet wrappers: the turntable, arm, ring, robot and the horizontal wrapping machine. Each type of wrapper has its specific characteristics. Which type is most suitable for you depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • What is being packaged?
  • What are the sizes
  • Amount of pallets per day?
  • How heavy is the load?

Hand wrapping

With a hand wrapping device, it is easy for you to manually apply various types of film to the load. Wrapping by hand is particularly suitable in cases of low volumes (max 10 pallets per day) and/or when wrapping is taking place in various locations. It is simple and effective, but also time consuming and very strenuous for the employee. Where there is a larger numbers of pallets, it quickly becomes appropriate to use a pallet wrapper. A good wrapping machine uses (a lot) less film than when wrapping by hand. Investment in a machine is often quickly recouped.

Please contact us to discuss whether a film wrapping machine is a suitable solution for you.

Turntable wrapper

When this type of pallet wrapper is used, the product is standing on a turntable. This turntable turns and wraps the wrapping film around the product. Click here to see a video of a turntable wrapper.

A turntable wrapper makes an average of 12-15 revolutions per minute. The product must be relatively stable and properly stacked, because the entire load is rotating and could fall apart. In general, a turntable wrapper is easy to move. They are light and compact and with the aid of a forklift truck it is possible to quickly move the wrapper elsewhere.

Click here for an overview of all Cyklop turntable wrappers.

Arm wrapper

In the case of an arm wrapper, the product remains standing (e.g. a pallet on the floor) and the film carriage with the wrapping film on it is attached to an ‘arm’ and rotates around the product. This method of wrapping is suitable for light and unstable products, because the load is not rotating. But the arm wrapper is also highly suitable for heavy products (because sometimes a turntable wrapper cannot carry the weight). In the case of an arm wrapper, the heavy load remains standing on the floor.

If the wrapper is in an environment where the floor must be cleaned on a daily basis, e.g. in the food industry, this wrapper also offers significant advantages. It is easy to clean the floor here, as only the frame is mounted to the floor.

Click here for an overview of all Cyklop arm wrappers.

Ring wrapper

The ring wrapper is similar to the arm wrapper, because the load remains standing still, while the film carriage rotates around the pallet. However, in the case of a ring wrapper, the film carriage is not attached to an arm, but to a large ring. The great benefit of this is that the film carriage can rotate much faster, increasing the capacity per hour.

A ring wrapper is particularly suitable in case of large (peak) volumes, when a high-speed wrapper is required. A ring wrapper can wrap up to 180 pallets per hour.

Click here for an overview of all Cyklop ring wrappers.

Robot wrapper

A robot wrapper is a wrapper that drives around the load independently and wraps film around the load. Click here for a video of a robot wrapper.

The great benefit of a robot wrapper is its flexibility. The machine is mobile, making it possible to wrap pallets on different locations easily and quickly. The robot was specially developed for users that want to wrap a wide range of (large) pallets in various locations.

Click here for an overview of all Cyklop robot wrappers.

Horizontal wrapper

A horizontal wrapper, also referred to as horizontal ring wrapper, is the ideal solution for horizontally packaging large goods such as profiles, boards or doors. Click here for a video of a horizontal wrapper. When using a horizontal film wrapping machine, the load is guided through the machine horizontally, while the film carriage rotates around the product. For these type of products, it is not possible to use a turntable wrapper, for instance, because the load is long and narrow and does not remain standing. The opening or ring size varies from 42 cm to more than 300 cm.

Click here for an overview of all Cyklop horizontal wrappers.

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