Stretch wrapper with high processing speed

The semi automatic pallet wrapper CST-204 offers many packaging solutions, wrapping boxes, sacks and assorted packages with film stretch. The CST-204 machine is easy to operate due to its touch screen panel with intuitive commands and its visual & audio alerts. The pre-stretching system can be adjusted up to 300%.

  • Motorized head for film economy
  • “Easy to pass” system to film stretch
  • Visual and audio alerts on the panel
  • Touch screen panel with 8 programs
  • Photocell to load high detection of the cargo
  • Manual lock to film stretch
  • Adjustable pre-stretching
  • Ramp – optional

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Technical specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 94.72" x 64.96" x 110.63"
Base diameter 64.96"
Tower height 110.63"
Capacity 25 cycles/hour
Maximum load 4409.25 lbs
Programs 8
Panel Touch screen
Stretch film cut Automatic
Speed 12 rpm

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